Great Singing Bowls

History of Singing Bowls


For more than a hundred years, metal workers have invented bowls. It is not known to the human when these objects came into use for healing. Metallic ones have been discovered by archeologists all over planet earth. These bowls maintain their resonance long after being hit when played. The bowls are constructed from multiple layer metals and are powerful healing instruments. Although history does not state their function, it is believed they were made for healing and sacred purposes.


There are modern bowls from that are made from materials obtained from a variety of stores. They are not expensive due to their metallic component. The best quality of bowl is made from gold, silver, nickel, copper, zinc, antimony and iron. Most of the bowls were originally made by the Buddhist priest, and later it was taken over by Tibet.


The tone of each bowl is determined by the diameter of each of the layers building up the entire bowl. Another determinant is the height of the layers composing the bowl. If you want to use the bowl in healing, all you have to do is to strike the lip of the bowl by a leather covered striker. By doing so, the layers create a variety of vibrations which finally create a unique tone as they coordinate. In a simple bowl, seven layers are ranging from iron to Gold in ascending order. The sound originating from it makes the brain to move into the alpha state. It leads to meditation state of once thought. The bowl can be shaped into various models to perform a ritual, and each shape represents a different gender.


You can find the bowl at any import store across the country as they are shipped across the globe. Today the bowls are of importance as they are known to healing and praying and they are readily available. There are modernized ones made of crystal, and they are in different sizes depending on the type of healing required. The crystal bowls are an alternative to the traditional ones since the weight obstacle is eliminated. Another advantage of such bowls is that they can be modeled into various shapes. It makes it a multi-purpose tool. The crystal bowl is used to perform both gender rituals in all forms of prayers and healings. Sound healing is becoming more professional, and you can consult well-known artists and researchers. In future, bowls will become more popular. Visit silverskyimports if you have questions.